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Once again, Yves Vanier discovers illustrious personalities in our family tree. This time: The David family! Charles-Philippe David (professor in political science), Hélène David (women in quebec politics), Françoise David (founder of Québec Solidaire, militant and politician) are children of the cardiologist Paul David (founder of the Monteal Heart Institute Foundation), and the grand-children of Athanase David (lawyer and politician)! All descendents of Angelique Vanier.

Durnig a browsing session on the genealogy web site Genealogy of Canada, Yves Vanier found a not so distant cousing, and well know in quebec: Claude Legault, actor and sript writer in quebec. Claude is a member of the 11th generation and is descendant of Olivine Vanier. Consult Family Celebreties page for more info.

While reading a copy of La feuille de Chêne published by the "Société généalogique de Saint Eustache", Jean-Claude Vanier discovers a new family missing from the Vanier Family family tree. It's the family of Élizabeth Vanier & Nelson Désormaux, married in 1896, parents of 14 children! Ernest, brother of Nelson Désormeaux, had a small chapel constructed along the "Grande Côte" in St-Eustache, that still exists today.

While researching on the internet, Yves Vanier makes a nice discovery. The writer < a class="navs" href="">Yann Martel, has a common ancestor with the Vanier Family in North America. Yann Martel is of the 10th generation and descendant of Marie Madeleine Vanier. Consult Family Celebreties page for more info.

What's from 2007 to 2015

This site is devoted to the genealogy and history of the Vaniers of North America from the 17th century to today. It is primarily dedicated to the large number of descendants of Guillaume Vanier, a native of Honfleur in Normandie, who arrived in Québec around 1665.

Some descendants became very famous; others less so but nevertheless left their imprint. This site was created to gather the scarce information from various historical documents, official and private, regarding the history of the Vanier family, and to let future generations trace their ancestors. Ever since the arrival of Guillaume Vanier, his descendants have spread out all over North America, and this site is trying to enumerate them all.

If you have any information, genealogies, documents, photos, images or old documents about the Vanier family and wish to enrich the facts on this web site, please write to me.

Finally, this site is dedicated to the great family genealogist: Mr. Noël Vanier (of Laval). His tenacious work for decades on the Vanier Family inspired me to create this site and share our findings with the rest of the family.

Jean-Yves Vanier
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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